Cyberwarfare and Cyberhysteria

Article for Responsible statecraft (Quincy Institute) on how the Biden administration should respond to the latest cyber-hack:

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January 2021

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Historical Memory in Russia and the USA

Contribution to a webinar of the Simone Weil Center: Politics, Tragedy, Sovereignty: A Panel Discussion on the Meaning of Today’s Russia. View on YouTube. Panelists:  Marlene Laruelle, James Carden, Anatol Lieven, Boris Mezhuev, Paul Robinson, Richard…

11 mins read

December 2020

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It’s Time for an America First Green New Deal

The challenge for U.S. and Western politicians in meeting the short-term crisis of the coronavirus and the long-term crisis of climate change is to create, by democratic means, the sort of national consensus that will…

46 mins read

April 2020

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The pandemic and international competition: How the US can save itself with a ‘Green New Deal’

If there is one good result of the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, it may be to remind the U.S. establishment that in the end, the international strength and influence of a country depends…

9 mins read

March 2020

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