What Alexei Navalny is and is not

RESPONSIBLE STATECRAFT RUSSIA What Putin nemesis Alexei Navalny is, and what he is not FEBRUARY 2, 2021 Written byAnatol Lieven It is very human and natural to admire courage and resolution — these are qualities…

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February 2021

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Historical Memory in Russia and the USA

Contribution to a webinar of the Simone Weil Center: Politics, Tragedy, Sovereignty: A Panel Discussion on the Meaning of Today’s Russia. View on YouTube. Panelists:  Marlene Laruelle, James Carden, Anatol Lieven, Boris Mezhuev, Paul Robinson, Richard…

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December 2020

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The Ethic of Strategic Empathy

The great realist thinker Hans Morgenthau stated that a fundamental ethical duty of the statesman is the cultivation of empathy: the ability through study to see the world through the eyes of rival state elites.…

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November 2020

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Dance of the Ghosts: A new cold war with Russia will not serve Western interests

In January 2018, the US Department of Defense declared that ‘great power competition’, and not terrorism, was the greatest threat to the United States and should be the chief focus of the country’s military strategy…

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September 2018

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Ukraine: The way out

What is truly strange and terrible about the looming disaster in Ukraine is that all the leading players already know and agree about what the only solution can be, even if they disagree on the…

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June 2014

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Against Russophobia

Ever since the Cold War ended, Western officials and commentators have been telling the Russians how they need to grow out of their Cold War attitudes toward the West and Western institutions, and learn to…

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December 2000

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