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South Asia

An Afghan Tragedy: The Pashtuns, The Taliban and The State


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June 2021

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NATO: A Fretful Porpentine

What’s in a name? NATO’s ‘Steadfast Defender’ is exercise in doublespeak

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June 2021

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Cyberwarfare and Cyberhysteria

Article for Responsible statecraft (Quincy Institute) on how the Biden administration should respond to the latest cyber-hack: https://responsiblestatecraft.org/2021/01/13/a-lesson-in-cyber-spying-vs-cyber-attack/

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January 2021

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& Webinars

Stability and Stagnation in Pakistan

Anatol Lieven interviewed by Haris Ahmed Khan, Ground Zero.

25 December 2020

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Politics, Tragedy, Sovereignty: The Meaning of Today’s Russia

Contribution to panel at the Simone Weil Center.

02 December 2020

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The US After the Elections: Towards Civil War or Revival

Anatol Lieven interviewed by Chris Luenen in Europe First (Blenheim Strategy).

28 November 2020

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Watching the Watchers: Have America’s Russia Watchers Been Getting it Wrong?

Webinar of the Center for the National Interest and the Harvard Belfer Center. Chaired by George Beebe.

27 October 2020

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Analysing the Afghan Peace Negotiations

Anatol Lieven in Conversation with Rudra Chaudhuri, Carnegie India Center, New Delhi.

23 October 2020

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Future of South Asia: Stalemate, cooperation, or war

Contribution to seminar held by the Institute for Policy Reforms.

15 September 2020

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